Robert W. Herrmann
43 Fawn Ter, Groton, MA 01450 978-512-0495

Solve Problems. Be a part of a team. Learn. Have Fun.


Vecna, Cambridge, MAConsulting Software EngineerJUN 2017 - JAN 2019
  • Created system for managing warehouse inventory using SpringBoot
  • Designed/Implemented a distributed system for evaluating robotics planning algorithms
  • Did performance analysis on production Java/Tomcat/Postgres system

Optum Analytics, Boston, MAConsulting Software EngineerOCT 2013 - JUN 2017
  • Designed/Delivered a custom sql query engine for accessing patient data in Java/Spring
  • Developed team standards for developing/using Javascript/ES6 with React/Redux
  • Crafted SQL ETL to place new patient data in warehouse
  • Added features to an analytics application - Java/Spring/Oracle/Flex
  • Leverage and feature Clojure/ClojureScript

InnoCentive, Waltham, MAGrails ConsultantJUN 2008 - AUG 2012
  • Evangelized/Implemented/Supported automated functional testing (
  • Designed/Implemented an online product purchasing system
  • Investigated/Recommended/Implemented a payment system (
  • Guided transition from old Java Framework (Enhydra) to Grails Framework
  • Helped define best practices for Grails Development
  • Developed system for letting end users tag content

ITA Software (now Google), Cambridge, MASenior Consulting EngineerJUL 2006 - JUN 2009
  • Participated in design and development of an airline reservations system
  • Specialized load balancer for handling HTTP requests and pushing/pulling from/to Oracle queues
  • Wrote test reporting application using Grails
  • Developed solution for sending rich HTML receipts to customers

P&H Solutions (, Waltham, MASenior Consulting EngineerMAY 2004 - JUN 2006
  • Migrated mature banking web application from the Microsoft platform (C++/COM/MTS/ASP/ADO/VB) to the J2EE (Java/JDBC/JSP/JUnit) platform
  • Provide just in time architecture and design
  • Team resource for Java/J2EE and IDE expertise
  • Utilize agile methods: refactoring, unit tests, continuous integration

Sun Microsystems, Marlboro, MASenior Consulting EngineerJAN 2003 - MAY 2004
  • Part of a team that developed an application for monitoring storage systems
  • The application was implemented using Java, XML, Javascript, tag libraries, Oracle, eclipse, Ant, Tomcat, Linux, Solaris
  • Designed and developed application features; Searching, Filtering, and Custom Reporting
  • Worked to drive application's automatic switching to Chinese, Japanese or French based on client's language

Sun Microsystems, Burlington, MAConsulting EngineerMAY 2002 - NOV 2002
  • Contributor to the open source Apache Tomcat project. Tomcat is the reference JSP/Servlet implementation. Tomcat is core technology in many J2EE application servers
  • Implemented new Servlet 2.4 functionality for Tomcat 4 and Tomcat 5
  • Track/fix/eliminated problems with SSL, session handling, and logging
  • Participated in Tomcat development community (discussions, votes, bug fixes)

Lucent Technologies, Marlboro, MASenior Consulting Java EngineerAPR 2001 - JUL 2001
  • Improved web based HR system allowing managers to award bonuses
  • Implemented new features using J2EE, JSP, Java, JDBC, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle 9i AS/8i DB
  • Refactored JSP reports to include new features and improved speed, quality plus maintainability
  • Created a place for managers to post questions and answers to communicate with employees

Lumapath, Inc. Maynard, MASenior Engineer, Team LeaderJAN 2000 - NOV 2000
  • Venture funded early stage startup that created an innovative search and user interface technology
  • Designed and created a knowledge engineering tool for editors to process daily flow of search terms. Tool allowed editors to create/edit/test/execute a set of rules for improving search hit quality
  • Lead creation of automated deployment system for server farm (JSP/Java, F5's load balancer, Akamai's cache, offsite hosting, NT, IIS, Netscape/iPlanet, JavaScript, XML, Oracle)

Sun Microsystems, Chelmsford, MASenior Engineer, Team LeaderMAR 1996 - MAR 1998
  • Lead team creating Java printing service for network computers
  • Researched and developed next generation email system leveraging Java technology

Bridge Information Systems, NYC, NYSoftware EngineerAPR 1994 - MAR 1996
  • Part of team that created a robust electronic order routing and trading system
  • Created C++ networking library that handle millions of daily transactions between Windows, Unix and Databases (Oracle, Sybase)


Binghamton University, NY, MAY 1989
  • BS, Electrical Engineering